River and Reservoir Watch Version 4.6
River Discharge and Reservoir Storage Changes Using Satellite Microwave Radiometry Location of this Satellite Gauging Reach
Tracking expansion and contraction of this lake Poyang Center: 116.005 Long. Signal/Noise: 6.0
GFDS Area ID: 38 China Center: 29.3465 Lat. Fair
GEE Time Lapse WorldView Time Lapse Learn more about this lake 160997 sq km WBM contributing area
Last measured: 16-Jun-24
Area Signal: 21109 Status: 2 (1, low; 2, normal; 3, moderate flood, r >2.33 y; 4, major flood, r >5 y)
7-day Sum 78.1 Area Signal/Contributing Area 111% (7-day Signal compared to 20 y average for this date, 2004-2023)
Flood Magnitude: 0.0 Scale of 0-10 Flood Magnitude Defined Technical Summary
Notes: 7-day forward weighted moving average is applied. Geolocation correction, commencing April 1, 2012: 0
Low Area is 20th percentile for this day, 2003-2013.