River and Reservoir Watch Version 4.5
River Discharge and Reservoir Storage Changes Using Satellite Microwave Radiometry
Using watershed area and discharge from WBM for SGR 253 Zambezi Center: 34.29 Long. Signal/Noise: 7.3
GFDS Area ID: 254 Mozambique Center: -16.65 Lat. Fair
GEE Time Series WorldView Time Series Learn more about this river Place holder: 1190066 sq km WBM contributing area
Last measured: 23-Jun-24
Discharge: 7801 m3/sec Status: 2 (1, low; 2, normal flow; 3, moderate flood, r >1.5 y; 4, major flood, r >5 y)
7-day Runoff 3.8 mm #N/A (7-day runoff compared to 20 y average for this date, 2002-2021)
Flood Magnitude: 0.0 Scale of 0-10 Flood Magnitude Defined Technical Summary
Notes: 7-day forward weighted moving average is applied. Geolocation correction, commencing April 1, 2012: 0
Low flow is 20th percentile discharge for this day, 2003-2013.