River and Reservoir Watch Version 3.7 This work and associated data are protected by a Creative Commons License.
River Discharge and Reservoir Area Changes Using Satellite Microwave Radiometry Signal/Noise*: 6.9
Cienega de Santa Clara Center: -114.70  Long. Signal/Noise: Fair
GFDS Site Number 100078 Modis History Mexico Center: 31.90  Lat. * Signal range/average daily variation
GEE Time Lapse Learn more about this reservoir Percentile Thresholds
Last measured: 18-Jan-21 Obtain Data 20th #N/A
Area (% of Maximum): 93% Status: #N/A 70th #N/A
Signal range: 0.164 #N/A 0.024 Status Code: #N/A Technical Summary 90th #N/A
Notes: 10-day forward moving average is applied.
Percentile values for daily thresholds use 2009-2016 period of record.
< 20th percentile is "low", 21-69th percentile is "normal", 70-90th percentile is "high", > 90th precentile is "very high"