River and Reservoir Watch Version 4.5

Satellite-based River Discharge and Reservoir Area Measurements, 1998-Present

Technical Summary

In 2023, all Satellite Gauging Reaches are being revised to Version 4.5


Updated Twice-daily at 2:30 and 14:30 Local Denver Time

Yellow: low flow or area (<20th percentile for this day). Blue: normal flow or area. Purple: moderate flooding (>1.5 y recurrence interval or area between 70th and 90th percentile). Red: major flooding (> 5 y recurrence interval or area >90th percentile.

Accessing the discharge and runoff data: The daily discharge and runoff data are provided in html format for each Version 4.5 satellite gauging reach. Click on dots, view displays, then select "Access to Data" link in each display.

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Sample Citation: "Brakenridge, G. R., Kettner, A. J., Paris, S., Cohen, S., Nghiem, S. V. , River and Reservoir Watch Version 4.5, Satellite-based river discharge and reservoir area measurements, DFO Flood Observatory, University of Colorado, USA. http://floodobservatory.colorado.edu/ SiteDisplays/ 20.htm (Accessed 20 February 2023)."

Help us make this information as useful as possible. We will be adding more measurement locations in 2023. Points of Contact: Robert.Brakenridge@Colorado.edu and Albert.Kettner@Colorado.edu

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