River and Reservoir Watch Version 4.0

Satellite River Discharge and Reservoir Area Measurements

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Resumen Técnico (older version)

Technical Report and Data Product Specifications, Global Flood Detection System

Note: In May 2021, upgrade to Version 4.0 is in progress. One by one, we are recalibrating each site to watershed areas and WBM-calibrated discharge values. The revisions are proceeding from low to high site numbers. Please check the links provided to "learn more about this river". If they are not accurate, the site has not yet been revised!


Updated Twice-daily at 2:30 and 14:30 Local Denver Time

White: ice covered. Yellow: low flow or area (<20th percentile for this day). Blue: normal flow or area. Purple: moderate flooding (>1.5 y recurrence interval or area between 70th and 90th percentile). Red: major flooding (> 5 y recurrence interval or area >90th percentile.

 The Log-Pearson III distribution is used for recurrence interval calculation.

Accessing the discharge and runoff data: The daily discharge and runoff data are provided in html format for each site. Click on dots, then select "obtain data" links.

Tabular listing of all sites.

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