Global Surface Water Record E20N10

Dark Blue is current flooding.

Light Blue is normal surface water (sensor and reference date provided).

Medium and light reds are previously mapped flooding, by year.

Click on the white dots for River Watch satellite-based estimated river discharge, 2002-present.

Rapid Response Inundation Maps for E20N10, if available

Powerpoint record of this display

GIS data for this display are located at: in the NAfrica_03_06 and the E20N10_Older_Data folders.The display can also be downloaded (right click) as a large jpg. file, and read into most GIS software by marking and entering the corner latitude and longitude coordinates and noting the map projection and datum.

Please cite Brakenridge, G. R., date, "Global Surface Water Record, E20N10" and the internet address when further publishing this display or associated data.