The Surface Water Record

Map 110W030N

Observing the Earth's changing surface water in near real time

Citation: Brakenridge, G.R., Kettner, A.J., Slayback, D. and Policelli, F., map number, date of map, The Surface Water Record: Dartmouth Flood Observatory, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA (

These maps provide current surface water extent based on NASA MODIS data, and the observed recent history of changes (2000 to present). Surface water expansions and contractions are both recorded. Mapped water expansions may be short-term, from inland flooding or coastal storm surges. Or long-term, from new reservoirs or increases in rice agriculture or aquaculture. Reductions in surface water may be from temporary drought conditions, or persist over longer periods (for example, some progressively shrinking wetlands). Please see the Guide for examples. Access Full Resolution View      Download Full Resolution Geotif