MODIS Rapid Response Results, Flooding in Pakistan, 2010

Preliminary Mapping Results and Access to GIS files

Spatial Resolution of MODIS Bands Used: 250 m

In Windows, Right-click to download the GIS files, or the jpg image maps.

Proceed to The Surface Water Record to see current mapping of this event in relation to earlier mapped floods , or view the appropriate map record sheets directly: E60N30, E70N30, E70N40


Data Products (all inundation limits from NASA MODIS Rapid Response 250 m image data)

GIS: Flood Observatory Data Directory

(for flooding in Pakistan, access current data for Afghanistan2, ArabianSea, and India2 Subsets)

Rapid Response Inundation Maps

Sheet 1 (southernmost), Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4,Sheet 5, Sheet 6 (northernmost)

Overview, GoogleEarth base map, MODIS image data from August 27, 2010

GoogleEarth kmz file, August 27, 2010, North Pakistan

GoogleEarth kmz file, August 27, 2010, South Pakistan

Time Series of Daily MODIS Data showing levee failure near Thatta and flooding, August 26-29, 2010


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