Surface Water Watch


G. R. Brakenridge and A. J. Kettner

Dark Blue: Current Surface Water.

Light Gray: Mean Annual Flood.

Dark Gray: Maximum Observed Flooding



Current surface water is a rolling forward (updated daily) two week accumulation of MODIS-detected surface water. It is calculated at the Flood Observatory using information from the NASA Near Real Time Global Flood Mapping Initiative (NASA LANCE) and is at a spatial resolution of 250 m.

Mean Annual Flood is surface water detected in four out of five years by the same MODIS sensors (2012-2016).

Maximum observed flooding is a composite of water mapped by DFO since 1993 using a variety of sensors and at spatial resolutions ranging from 10 m to 250 m. However, there is consistent MODIS coverage since 2012. This layer is updated yearly. See also the DFO Web Map Server.


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