River Watch Version 2 G. R. Brakenridge*
Experimental Satellite-Based River Discharge Measurements using passive microwave radiometry Quality Assessment for this Site*: 3.0 Good T. De Groeve**
DFO Site Number Site 94 (USA) Red Center: -97.154  Long. Sensitivity: 21.7 S. Cohen***
GFDS Site Number 87 River Center: 48.464  Lat. *Compared to ground station S.V. Nghiem****
GEE Time Lapse No model results yet USA 9013 sq km WBM watershed A. J. Kettner*
Last measured: 31-Dec-16 Obtain Data J.P.M. Syvitski*
Latest Discharge: ice cover m3/sec Status: 0 (0, ice cover, 1, low; 2, normal flow; 3, moderate flood; 4, major flood, r >5 yr) *CSDMS/INSTAAR, University of Colorado
7-day Runoff ice cover mm ND (7-day runoff compared to 10 yr average for this date, 2003-2012) **Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy
Recent Record Technical Summary ***University of Alabama
****Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California
Sensors: AMSR-E, AMSR-2, GPM
Ice-cover detection operates during:
Feb 1-April 1
Nov 1-Jan 1
Annual Maximum Discharge
2003 454 m3/sec
2004 1212 m3/sec
2005 732 m3/sec
2006 1586 m3/sec
2007 1382 m3/sec
2008 351 m3/sec
2009 1815 m3/sec
2010 1709 m3/sec
Notes: 7-day centered moving average is applied.   Break in data between AMSR-E and AMSR-2, 2011-2013 2011 record ends Oct 3.
Complete record Ground Station for comparison (28 km upstream): #    USGS 05092000 RED RIVER OF THE NORTH AT DRAYTON, ND 9013 sq km