River Watch Version 2
Experimental Satellite-Based River Discharge Measurements using passive microwave radiometry Bounding Box of 7 x 7 comparison pixel array
DFO Site Number Site 2105 (China) Min Center: 118.485 117.44 119.53 Deg. Long.  
GFDS Site Number 2096 River Center: 26.414 25.369 27.459 Deg. Lat.  
China 42880 sq km WBM contributing area
Last measured: 31-Dec-14 (Shuangkeng Reservoir) Obtain Data
Daily Discharge: 482 m3/sec Status: 2 (1, low flow; 2, normal flow; 3, moderate flood; 4, major flood)
7-day Runoff 13.08 mm 100% (7-day runoff compared to 10 yr average for this date, 2003-2012)
Recent Record Technical Summary
Complete record Notes: Discharge measurements are invalid. Signal records reservoir area changes