River and Reservoir Watch Version 3.7 This work and associated data are protected by a Creative Commons License.
River Discharge and Reservoir Storage Changes Using Satellite Microwave Radiometry
Lake Nasser Nile Center: 31.12  Long. S/N rating: Fair
GFDS Site Number 11842 Modis History Sudan Center: 21.63  Lat.
GEE Time Lapse Learn more about this reservoir sq km WBM contributing area
Last measured: 17-Jan-21 Obtain Data
Status: #N/A of maximum Status: #N/A (1, low; 2, normal; 3, high; 4, very high)*
#N/A *See below for threshold definitions
Technical Summary
Recent part of record. Five-day forward moving average is applied. 10-day forward moving average is applied.
Thresholds (adjusted for each day of the year) 17-Jan-21
Complete record. Five-day forward moving average is applied <25th percentile Low, "1" 25th: #N/A
25th-74th percentile Normal, "2" 75th: #N/A
75th-90th percentile High, "3" 90th: #N/A
>90th percentile Very high, "4"
Percentiles are for a fixed 10 year reference period (2003-2013)
Site statistics: noise*: 0.016 signal/noise: 4.3 signal**: 0.070
* average of daily signal change, 1998-2010. **range of signal, 2003-2007
Also provided below are G-REALM Height Variations from TOPEX/POSEIDON/Jason-1 and Jason-2/OSTM Altimetry
The scale is  shown on the right axis. These are relative lake height variations computed from TOPEX/POSEIDON (T/P), Jason-1 and Jason-2/OSTM altimetry 
with respect to a datum that is based on a single fly-over date of the Jason-2/OSTM mission.