Satellite River Discharge Measurements

This display uses microwave (37 GHz) NASA/Japanese Space Agency TRMM data to estimate discharge at an increasing array of river measurement sites. It replaces an earlier "Version 1, RiverWatch" system based on NASA/Japanese Space Agency AMSR-E data. That sensor ceased operation October 4, 2011.

The records acessible here extend back to January 1, 2002. Other microwave data will also be incorporated when they become available. Many more sites will be added. All have been calibrated to discharge units using a global hydrological model.

Click on the dots: satellite gauging sites. Yellow: low flow (<50 % mean daily runoff for this date); Blue: normal flow; Purple: moderate flooding (>1.33 yr recurrence); Red, major flooding (> 5 yr recurrence).

See summary table of site locations and current flow status. See also watershed runoff maps.

Crosses: ground gauging stations. Yellow: low flow. Red: major flooding (river above flood stage).

Citation: Brakenridge, G. R., Cohen, S., Kettner, A.J., De Groeve, T., and Nghiem, S. V., 2012, Online Publication, "Satellite river discharge measurements",


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